Using story stones in counseling sessions


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Story stones

I know I have posted about story stones in the past, but I wanted to post more specifically about how to use them as a tool in counseling children. They are one of my favorite tools to use in therapy and here are just a few ideas…
Trauma Processing: Allow child to tell their story while using the stones to provide the images. This helps them create a LINEAR story and helps them identify facts and feelings along the way by using the pictured stones to represent facts and the stones with feelings on them to represent feelings (which helps them use their WHOLE BRAIN to process the event) Even just using the pictured stones and using words uses the right and left side of the brain to fully process the event! Processing traumatic events by using the whole brain has proven to be crucial in healing and…

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Empowerment with teddy bears

Art of Social Work

The power of projection…When is the last time you were in a power struggle with a four year old? If you can draw from a time or a similar experience you may note feelings such as frustration, overwhelm, annoyance… just to name a few.

But the good news is… there is hope. I have found that intentional projection with little ones can be a huge alleviator in that negative energy that can build between two people anytime a power struggle is involved.

This intervention can also work with children experiencing anxiety or simply trying to learn or remember a new skill.

Step 1. Immediately disengage from power struggle. Change your affect, take a deep breath for yourself, reorient to the moment.

Step 2. Introduce a third person (or animal). This can be a stuffed animal, a small toy car, an invisible friend, basically anything that can be personified.

Step 3:…

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